Books and Resources for Pre-k to K

A list of books and resources for Pre-K to K that is around the ages of 3 to 5

Free storys


Blue Fairy Book Andrew Lang

Kiddie Records Weekly – all sorts of songs and stories for lots of ages.

Story Nory

Lots of learning with plenty of touch and say so you don’t have to photocopy huge amounts.

The book is in colour but not so colourful as to be distracting to the child. Not my child anyway. There are early counting and aadding exercises with shape and size games. Also some number recognition and writing. Plenty of variety.

There’s a hard copy avilable of this book. We’ve used it a lot and I think it does do what it sets out to do.

Click on book pictures for link to site.

Free online books

For the Children’s Hour from Baldwin Classics.

Aesop’s Fables Lovely site with the stories containing the Milo Winter illustrations that are in the public domain. Making picture cards for the stories works well and there’s some excellent studies freely available here.

Child’s Book of Garden Verses R L Stevenson.

Poems of A A Milne opens pdf



All things Tomie dePaola are good as far as I can tell.

This one is suitable for mixed ages.









All things Winnie the Pooh by A A Milne

Including House At Pooh Corner kindle

Now We Are Six and For the Very Young poems.

Kindle version







We’re Going on a Bear Hunt











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